Looking for some give-aways or prizing for your tournament?  Would you like your logo on them, so everyone remembers who they received them from? We can definitely help you out!

OR…… looking for some great company give-aways for customers? Any of these items can be ordered with your logo at anytime!  A great way to impress your customers and ensure they keep you in mind!

With company logo:

  • Golf Shirts starting at $15/shirt
  • Sleeve of golf balls starting at $10/sleeve
  • ION bracelets starting at $49/bracelet
  • Hats or Toques starting at $15/hat
  • Club Covers starting at $20/set
  • Hoodies starting at $25/shirt
  • Pack of 10 Golf Tees starting at $5/pack
  • Crate (12 bottles) Red or White Wine – logo on label Ask for pricing details

*Pricing is dependent on product selection and quantity ordered.

Rental items:

  • Birdie Ball – $250/day
    How does this work? Well, it is sort of like those huge bouncy castles for kids, except it is a golf hole!  
    You can use it for prizes or fundraising!  Great fun!
  • Snag Golf – $200/day