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2UNDR Gear Shift

The GEAR SHIFT™ with Coldskin™ is designed with an athletic cut to give a compression-like feel, and perform with all the quick-dry attributes demanded by today’s sport underwear.

The GEAR SHIFT™ is ideal for someone who performs like an Olympian on the field, a Boss in the boardroom, and Don Juan in the bedroom. In other words, the GEAR SHIFT™ is for any high pressure situation where it is imperative you keep your cool.

The material incorporates 100% all natural minerals helping to reduce heat buildup and control bacteria and fungus. This revolutionary fabric is used in the construction of the JoeyPouch™ while the rest is a smooth 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex blend, all designed for extreme comfort during extreme activity.

2UNDR Swing Shift

With 2UNDR™ you can feel it right away, pure heavenly softness. The SWING SHIFT™ caresses the skin with the finest beechwood fiber in our signature modal fabric.

Additionally, the material resists shrinkage, and is less likely to fade or pill as a result of friction. The smoothness of the fabric also rejects hard water deposits, allowing it to stay soft through repeated wash cycles.

Perfection, in your pants.


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Fusion Ionz Power Bandz

FusionIonz Power bandz emit negative ions and the results are amazing! You'll have more energy, better strength,improved muscle endurance, relief from pain, an improved mood and better sleep! Sound too good to be true? Stop by for a quick one minute demonstration. You'll be amazed! We have 4 styles available! The Fusion Fit for $24.99, the Fusion Sport and Pro for $39.99, and the Fusion Elite for $49.00.